Workout Inspiration: We’ve Got Your Back

    We’ve always got your back! But, today we aren’t only speaking in metaphors. We want to help make your actual back-body stronger. Below are three upper/ lower body combination exercises that combat our everyday slouching, hunching over and head-forward nature in this technology-addicted world. Try these moves to improve posture while strengthening the muscles of your posterior chain (gluteus maximus, biceps femoris, erector spinae, posterior deltoids, lats, traps & more).

    Squat Hold w/ Slam Ball



    • Use a Dynamax ball or medicine ball (12 lbs. pictured here).
    • Sit back into a good squat (weight in the heels, feet & toes in parallel pointing forward all while maintaining a flat back & activated core).
    • Hold your squat as you raise the ball overhead & slam it to the floor.
    • Catch it as it bounces back up & repeat for 15-20 slams (or as many as you can in 60 seconds) without releasing the depth of the squat or arching your back.


    Single Leg Row



    • Grab two dumbbells (15 lbs. each pictured here) & start in standing with most of your weight on one leg.
    • Hinge forward from the hip, keeping the base leg slightly bent at the knee.
    • Simultaneously kick the opposite leg up & lower the arms toward the floor.
    • Once in position, aim to have a straight line from the top of the head to the end of the floating leg.
    • Turn on the abs to support your flat back position & begin to row.
    • Repeat x10 while balanced on one leg & then switch sides.


    Single Leg Bridge w/ Overhead



    • Select a single dumbbell or medicine ball (don’t go to heavy if your shoulder mobility is limited) & lie down on your back.
    • Bend one leg & put the weight on the heel while reaching the opposite leg toward the ceiling.
    • Reach the weight in your hands towards the ceiling & lift your hips off of the floor into a bridge position. Go as high as you can in your bridge without arching the back at the top.
    • Pause for a breath & return to the starting position.
    • Keep the back connected to the floor & the abs engaged as you reach the weight overhead with the arms straight.
    • Repeat from the beginning x10 before changing legs.

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