Ultra Tripping: T minus 365

    If you are in the world of running–or social media in general–you’ve probably seen this quote by famed Runner’s World columnist John “The Penguin” Bingham, “It’s not the finish line that matters, it’s having the courage to start.” I’m totally on board with that sentiment as well as Bingham’s positive messaging about overcoming the intimidating stereotypes of being a runner to just start running. But, the reality is, most people don’t give two shits about start lines, they value that finish photo. And you can’t really blame them. We are a culture that worships American Idol-style quick fame, winning Superbowl catches, Bill Gates-sized billionairism and the like. We are repeatedly bombarded with the idea that success is a single moment in time, involving lots of followers and, of course, mega-bling.

    Ultra Tripping: Phase Zero

    You just have to trust your own madness. -Clive Barker I can remember the moment when the idea cemented in my brain. On a Tuesday night, a half-glass of Cabernet sat on the kitchen counter with my tiger tabby cat Calisto standing guard over of it as I completed the finishing touches on dinner. The …