Ault Sweat


    Thursday mornings will look partly like an outdoor functional strength workout, but may feel more like a sweaty love fest. Monetarily the workout will be FREE, but the real price of admission is simply EVERYTHING you’ve got. Step-up and get ready to play. HARD!

    Opening ceremonies & session one launch on Thursday, 5/25 @6AM at the Ault Park fountain.

    Promises we can make:

    • The weekly workout will never be canceled–rain, shine, wind or heat.There will always be someone waiting to sweat next to you as the sun comes up.
    • If you dive in with “radical engagement” for all 15 weeks, you will not be the same person by the end of the summer.
    • We will be your second family. We will challenge you. We will honor you. We will sweat next to you no matter what is happening in your life.


    Will it be difficult? Yes. But you are capable and it is worth it.
    Will there be running (or your closest thing to it)? Yes. But we won’t judge you based on your speed.
    Will some days suck? Yes. But these will also be the beautiful days.
    Will some days feel like you can conquer the world? Yes. But we won’t let it go to your head.
    Will you feel supported? Absolutely. Human families are built on respect and connection.
    Will there be people stronger than you? Most likely. But that’s okay. We will lift each other up.
    What if I can’t make the first session? No problem. Just SHOW UP!

    Attend our opening ceremonies to find out more about our Declaration of Sweat: Radical engagement ~ Elevation through perspiration ~ Sacred play & place ~ Inclusion without borders ~ Raw Mother Nature ~ Service above self ~ Words like tattoos

    Once a week, starting Thursday 5/25/17 going through 8/31/17. Meet at the Ault Park Fountain. studio s founders Susie & Chris will be leading and sweating with you. We hit GO when the clock strikes 6AM.

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